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Pediatric Eye Exams in Galesburg, IL


children silhouetted in the sunExcellent Eyesight Will Help Your Kid Excel!

Whether your child is learning in school, at home, on the sports field or while socializing with friends, quality vision is necessary. When kids can’t see well, their development and education is jeopardized. Beginning from the very young age of a half-year old, children need sharp eyesight to explore and make sense of their surroundings. At InnovativEyes, our warm and attentive eye doctors will inspect your child’s total visual system. You and your kids are invited to schedule a pediatric eye exam in our modern, comfortable and convenient Galesburg, IL, office.

We’re committed to forming a solid and positive relationship with both parents and their children, from the moment your family walks into our clinic! This is the foundation of our outstanding, friendly eye care services. When you meet with us in Galesburg, we encourage you to ask your questions and share your concerns about the role of vision in your child’s growth.

When should you bring your child for a kids’ eye exam?

We follow guidelines determined by the American Optometric Association (AOA):

1st exam: 6 months old

2nd exam: 3 years old

3rd exam: before starting school, around age 5-6

Follow-up exams: a minimum of every 2 years, for children with no need for vision correction or treatment and no pediatric risk factors. If your child requires vision therapy, eyeglasses or contact lenses, or other treatment, eye exams are advised more frequently.

Please consult with our optometrists for specific instructions regarding your child’s visual needs and recommended schedule for regular eye exams.

What will our Galesburg eye doctors check?

Your child’s age, family eye history and visual complaints will largely determine the tests and procedures that we perform.

baby painting colorful closeupEye Exams for Infants (birth until 24 months)

The visual system develops very rapidly during your baby’s first few months of life. Focusing skills and eye teaming come together, while the brain is learning how to process visual cues transmitted from the eyes. As time goes by, motor development, such as crawling, walking, and eye-hand coordination, also relies upon good vision. We’ll evaluate your child’s eyesight and development as they relate to one another, to ensure that all is on schedule!

Eye Exams for Preschool Kids (age 2 to 5)

A great deal of learning occurs during this stage of life. Kids are introduced to reading, drawing, writing and playing games that require refined coordination and sharp perception. Teachers and parents need to look out for warning signs of a visual problem, such as sitting close to all screens, squinting, holding books near the nose, and avoidance of doing workbooks or puzzles. If you notice any of these behaviors in your child, please contact us to reserve a pediatric eye exam in our Galesburg clinic!

We’ll inspect your kids’ visual acuity and functional vision, with a complete examination that inspects for problems such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes).

Eye Exams for School-Aged Kids (age 6-18)

Undiagnosed or untreated vision conditions can have a strong, negative effect on your child’s performance in school, in sports and in social circles. When kids can’t see, read or play well, frustration is often the outcome. This may lead to poor self-esteem and behavioral problems. Fortunately, regular pediatric eye exams and the appropriate vision treatment can prevent or stop this downward progression!

During a full eye exam in our Galesburg office, we’ll assess a range of critical visual skills, such as:

  • Sharp visual acuity at a variety of distances
  • Binocularity (eye teaming)
  • Accommodation (focusing ability)
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Tracking skills
  • Peripheral vision
  • Color vision
  • Ocular health – we’ll examine inner eye tissues thoroughly, checking for any abnormalities or signs of eye disease

If your child complains frequently about headaches, always losing their place while reading, double vision, a need to blink constantly, or trouble paying attention for long period of time, these are all indications that it’s time for a detailed eye exam! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Vision Treatment for Kids

Following all of our pediatric eye exams, we’ll sit down with you to discuss the results. Together, we’ll decide upon the most suitable vision treatment for your child.

Routine eye exams play a major part in successful learning and smooth child development. We want to help your children reach their potential and be the best that they can be! Call anytime to book an appointment with our eye doctors in Galesburg, IL.

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